These are unique, irreproducible, hand-painted works on silk which take on further artistic vitality when they are worn.

The silks of Angela Maria Scarparo are works of art which tell about a world of colour hues and fancy images of nature. They help take in nature’s fragrance, its delicacy as well as its vital force.

Daniela has found in silk a medium of variable and precious brightness which brought out in her the need to explore the potential of materials and the versatility of colour.

Movement, light and space: the silks by artist Scarparo are the result of constant, indefatigable research and of a stubborn determination to breathe life and dignity into materials which often lie forgotten in drawers. Even ordinary things like an old CD, a spool of thread or a piece of waste wood become brushes and hands to paint with on white silk and embellish it with a new language which takes shape as if by magic and turns the pieces into a collection of unique artistic forms.

Each silk, 100% pure, is hand-painted using pictorial techniques which make it impossible to copy or reproduce the decorative motif, thus making a single silk stole, or the handbag resulting from it, a unique and rare work of art to wear.

“Great artistic capacity coupled with an original and personal technique which enables painting on both sides of the silk, thus giving rise to numberless variations, combinations of contrasts or even double-faced items that are impossible to reproduce in serial production because the creative process itself is irreproducible.”

Silks of exclusive authorship for women who want to be free to dream, to create, to be and express themselves through what they wear.